Full Body Waxing

When you visit us, we can take care of your unwanted body hair no matter where it is, from facial waxing to Brazilian waxing and anywhere else you need hair removal.

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Brazilian and Bikini Waxing

One of our most popular services is our Brazilian waxes. We have a separate page all about what to expect from your Brazilian.

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Armpit hair is coarse and you don’t want to worry about unsightly hair under your arms when you’re wearing shorter sleeves. The skin under your arms is also very delicate and shaving can lead to small nicks and irritation. Instead of getting the smooth skin you want, you can end up with visually distracting and sometimes painful red bumps.

Unlike shaving, waxing removes hair at the root. This means you get a smoother appearance. We also sell nourishing aftercare products to prevent ingrown hairs and reduce redness and irritation.

Another benefit of waxing underarm hair instead of shaving it is that it grows back less coarse each time. The more you visit us, the longer you can wait between appointments before your armpit hair is noticeable again. Compared to shaving, you can spend more time wearing whatever you want without anxiety over unwanted hair growth.

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Some women are self-conscious about overly-hairy arms. While some hair is natural, you shouldn’t feel like you have to hide beneath long-sleeve shirts because you don’t like the way your arms look. Shaving every day can be exhausting and the results don’t last as long as you would like. Hairs can also be stubby and uncomfortable when they first grow back.

Arm waxing is a great solution for these problems. In addition to looking flawless, hairless arms can also be more hygienic. Being completely hairless also benefits swimmers, bikers, and other athletes who need a more aerodynamic body.

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