Facial Hair Removal

Waxing is one of the best ways to remove unwanted facial hair or to shape your eyebrows. We offer face and eyebrow waxing services for both men and women so you can get your ideal look.

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For Women

it’s common for women to have some stray facial hairs or peach fuzz. This can lead to self-consciousness, but there is a solution.

When you shave your peach fuzz or upper lip, your hair will look thicker when it grows back. This is because shaving only removes hair above your skin’s surface and leaves a jagged edge. This edge looks different than normal hair and gives the illusion that it is more coarse when it first grows back. Waxing, on the other hand, removes hair from the root. Over time, hair will grow back thinner and will be easier to remove.

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Eyebrow Wax

Our eyebrows can affect the appearance of your entire face. Although many people are tempted to try tweezing or even waxing their brows at home, this is not usually the best option. Eyebrow shaping is a delicate art and removing too much or too little hair can result in uneven and awkward-looking brows.


Each wax is different depending on the shape of your face and the natural shape of your brows. Our waxing experts have the experience necessary to distinguish the best shape for you.

Avoid wearing any makeup around your eyebrows at your appointment. This allows our waxing specialists to see your brow clearly and shape it properly.

We will wax below and between your brows to get the best shape for your face. We may also use tweezers to remove any stray hairs that the wax leaves behind or to more precisely shape your brows. In some cases, we may use trimmers to snip longer hairs.

After your appointment, you may notice some redness. We recommend scheduling waxing at least three days before any event to account for any irritation.


You should plan to wax again in about 2-3 weeks when your hair grows back. By sticking with waxing as your primary method of eyebrow hair removal, the process will hurt less each time you come back.

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Eybrow Tinting

In addition to eyebrow waxing, we offer eyebrow tinting. Using eyebrow pencils and other makeup to craft the perfect look each morning can take a lot of time. Eyebrow tinting allows you to wake up each morning with gorgeous brows and results last up to six weeks.

The process involves using semi-permanent dye to darken your eyebrow hair. This is often done at the same time as an eyebrow wax. We apply dye first in the direction of your hair growth, then in the opposite direction. After a few minutes, we wash the dye off. After that, you will be left with eyebrows that truly stand out and complement your face.


We help you choose a shade that looks natural: not too dark, but dark enough to give you a bold new look.

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