The Lash Tint Service

We usually perform a lash tint at the same time as a lash lift. However, we can perform them separately if you prefer one or the other. For a tint, we will place a silicone guard below your top and/or bottom lashes while we apply the dye. We will let the dye sit for a few minutes, then we will wipe it off to reveal your tinted lashes. You will need to keep your eyes closed throughout the entire process.

Lash tinting dye is permanent, to distinguish it from semi-permanent dyes that fade with washing. However, that doesn’t mean that your new look will last forever. As your natural lashes fall out, the tint will fade. Like a lash lift, you can expect results to last around 4-6 weeks.

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The Lash Lift Process

To start the process, one of our estheticians will separate your top lashes from your bottom lashes. We will then curl your top eyelashes over a silicone shield. This is placed on your upper eyelid and gently adhered in place so it doesn’t shift and interfere with the curling.

A lash lift is like a perm except it is for your eyelashes. The perming solution interacts with the molecular structure of your lashes to give them a semi-permanent curl. We also use conditioning and setting solutions. All together, the process takes approximately an hour.

Your lashes will stay curled for 4-6 weeks, which is the lifecycle of your natural eyelashes. As each lash falls out and is replaced, it will lose its curl.

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